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Education is so much more than books and pencils, homework and study. Education is life, the experiences we share, the hurdles we overcome, the relationships we build and the lessons sometimes hard won. How we interact with the world, our peers and our parents are governed by what we learn in school as well as from the world around us.

Shared experiences, community and family are fundamental in shaping our children into positive, self-aware and intelligent little people and communication is key to keeping a community together. We believe education should be creative, inspirational and inclusive so we decided to create a specially designed resource centre to keep our families connected.

Packed with creative and fun ideas in health and self-awareness, kids activities, educational resources, school updates and support, Upschool is designed to keep you engaged, connected, informed and inspired to live, learn and play as a happy, mindful and sharing community.

This free and growing resource centre is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages that we feel will have a direct and positive impact within our community.

Something in here for all ages 

Kids Mandala – A Wellbeing Activity

An ancient meditation tradition dating back 10,000 years, the word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and means circle. Used as a tool for self-development, focus and meditation, the mandala is an integral practice to Buddhist and Hindu religions.

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Everyday Mindfulness – Activities Chart

we are a social, spiritual and sensitive species that which requires a place in the community, emotional care, regular nourishment from the earth a connection to Mother -Nature, close friends and comfort from loved ones.

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The Tears of Shiva – Rudraksha

The name Rudrā is one of 1008 names of the Hindu deity Shiva and the word Akśa means tears in Sanskrit. After 1000 years of meditation, tears began to fall from the eyes of Shiva in compassion for humanity, and the tears became the Rudraksha Tree.

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The Nature of Sound – A Guided Meditation

Mother Nature in all her wisdom provides us with everything we need to grow and thrive. The sounds made by the natural world are there to help tune the body to the frequency of the earth, the planets and the stars.

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Kids Mindfulness Activity – Star Breathing

Mindfulness breathing is a beautiful way to relax a busy mind, calm nervous feelings and build mental clarity.
The ‘Star Breathing Chart’ is a great activity to practice when feelings and emotions get a little hairy and thinking is a bit blurry.

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In Sync

Sharing music, making music and dancing with music makes us closer in physical proximity but it also means our brains are closer too.

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Prana Yum

Used for millennia as a gateway to self-mastery and a tool for self-healing, self-awareness and self-realisation, the breath sits at the centre of what determines real, and unreal.

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How To Bake a Meditation Cake

Sally Kempton who is a world expert in meditation and was a Hindu Monk in India for twenty years explains that if you don’t have a clear idea of where you are going, it is much the same as someone trying to drive a car without knowing where to put the petrol.

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